About Us

about us

Every day the URGVS is breaking new ground.  The URGVS leadership and membership are working to create a new GOP, a Republican Party that emphasizes issues over politics and organizing over campaigns.  

The URGVS Board of Directors, supported by a critical mass of Republican activists, have embarked on an inside-out and bottom-up strategy to defeat the Democrats.  From the school board to the House and Senate, the URGVS identifies and trains candidates to prepare for the battle against the Democrat party. 

Carving out a new agenda for the Republican Party, the URGVS believes Republicans and Republicans officials must realize that the Democrats are serious by replacing our Republic with a Socialist government and have every intention to tear-up our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  

To transform the Republican Party into an activist Constitutional Party, the URGVS is committed to the America First Agenda. Emphasizing issues over traditional campaigns and elections, the URGVS has a comprehensive program to educate, organize, and mobilize the electorate around issues that matter to them and connecting those issues to Republican candidates.