Coming to a Government School Near You

Time for Parents and Patriots to Take Back Our Schools from the “Hate America” Mob!

The URGVS is encouraging Parents and Patriots to run for the school board. Scholarships are provided for interested candidates to attend the “America First” Candidate Bootcamp.

Check out resources to help facilitate conversations about race, including classroom-appropriate lesson plans, guides on how to have tough conversations with peers and students, and more.

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Black Lives Matter In Public Schools Is Turning Kids Into Little Marxist

Ford Foundation Supports Anti-Jewish Racist Organization – Many forget the BLM platform is antisemitic. The movement’s architects falsely claim there is a link between American police brutality and the Arab-Israeli conflict. The manifesto’s reference to the Jewish occupation of Israel as “genocide” has outraged many Jewish BLM supporters, including Jonathan Greenblatt, executive director of the Anti-Defamation League. Rolling out the BLM platform in classrooms will surely have Jewish parents questioning school administrators’ commitment to combatting antisemitism.

Top Historians Slam NYT ‘1619 Project’ as It Infiltrates Public School Curriculum

“Because this is a subject I’ve long been interested in I sat down and started to read some of the essays,” McPherson said. “I’d say that, almost from the outset, I was disturbed by what seemed like a very unbalanced, one-sided account, which lacked context and perspective on the complexity of slavery, which was clearly, obviously, not an exclusively American institution, but existed throughout history.”


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