Donald Trump gave a speech in Atlanta on Black Economic Empowerment this past Friday. Where he, among other things, came out in support of Juneteenth as a holiday and showed support of anti-lynching laws. This is on top of reports of him naming the KKK as a terror organization. Which again, for someone who is supposed to literally be Adolf McRacist, he really sucks at racism. But I’m sure the national press will ignore all of this and focus on Trump’s Black Lives Matter comments instead (see BLACK LIVES MATTER ASSAULTS A WISCONSIN BUSINESS OWNER AFTER SETTING HIS BUSINESS ON FIRE and TWO BLACK LIVES MATTER SPEAKERS DECLARE ‘OPEN SEASON’ ON COPS, TIME TO ‘PUT THEM IN THEIR GRAVES’). I actually hope that they do.

Honestly, I don’t mind corporations or really anyone speaking out on issues they sincerely find important. The key word there is “sincerely.” These corporations run commercials supporting the Black Lives Matter political organization. They donate to whatever quote/unquote “charity” a PR company tells them to. They claim to be super serious this time about how much they care about black lives. Yet when peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters — many of whom are whiter than me – riot, burn, and destroy their way through predominately minority cities, these same corporations are quiet. When their businesses are destroyed in these cities, affectively putting the black people who depend on these jobs to support their families out of work, the corporations claim it’s all okay “because they have insurance.”

When the riots are over and black lives are left to have to rebuild what the “peacefully” protesting Biden-Harris supporters just left in rubble all in the name of social justice, these same corporations are nowhere to be found. Donald Trump needs to call this out over and over again. Because no one in the media has the courage to do so.

Stand-Up Note: There is no critical news reporting today. It’s up to Citizens to educate, organize, and mobilize the Community. The newly formed United Republicans Green Valley and Sahuarita Community Council is established to do just that.

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