Lincoln-Reagan Luncheon

Each year we celebrate President’s Day, a day that honors the American Presidency and our Founders’ decision to choose the position of a  presidency over a monarchy or king.  

Starting with President Washington and continuing with Presidents Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Coolidge, Reagan, and Trump, the Founder’s vision of a nation dedicated to the principle of individual liberty has been able to thrive. 

While our Constitutional Republic has been challenged on multiple fronts, the American people have been blessed by a few Presidents who truly believe in the importance and value of a small and limited government.    

Republicans believe the office of the Presidency should always be respected. Even when we don’t support a particular President’s policies and actions, we do not denigrate the office of the Presidency.   

On March 13, 2021, the URGVS continues the tradition of honoring two of our Presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, men who viewed the Presidency in visionary terms and changed the course of American history forever. Both Presidents were committed to American exceptionalism and the sovereignty of the United States.  And while he is not specifically part of our celebration, all Americans hold a debt of gratitude to President Trump for restoring America First’s policies. 

On behalf of the URGVS Board of Directors, I hope you will join us on March 13, 2021, as we do our part in protecting and preserving our great Country, the United States of America. 

God Bless America!

Yale Wishnick, Ed.D. President, URGVS 

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