Meet the Primary Winners For An August 8th Celebration

On August 8th, you will have the first chance to meet and discuss the issues with our Post-Primary Republican Candidates.  These Primary winners will challenge the Democrat Socialist Left to determine the Direction for Arizona and our Country.  While every campaign is critical, the one coming up in November truly stands-out. 

Date: August 8th

Time: 9:00 am to Noon

Location: RCGV/S HQ  101 S La Canada Suite 60, Green Valley

Everyone knows the importance of reelecting President Trump, but if the President is to be truly successful, we must win back the House and keep the Senate.  

Not since the Civil War has the Democrat Party so vigorously advocated to end the Rule of Law and promote violence in our communities.  For example, when Attorney General Barr recently asked Democrats to support the end of violence in our major cities, there was absolute silence.   Instead, the Democrat Socialist Left supports racists, anarchists, and thugs over honest, hard-working, and successful American taxpayers. 

What is also clear is the Arizona Democrat Party and its representatives are doing everything they can to destroy the Arizona economy and our successful way of life,

Therefore, we must rid ourselves of Arizona Democrats at the State and local levels.  For too long, we have allowed Democrats to harm our economy, do nothing to improve our schools and attack the American Culture of Success. 

While the election of our Candidates is not easy, there is no logical reason why Southern Arizona should remain in the hands of the Democrat Socialist Left.   The policies and positions of the Democrats are clear:

  • Keep businesses shut down, so the Southern Arizona economy remains depressed.
  • Get rid of the police and release prisoners from jail.
  • Continue to attack and destroy the family with more social services to control parents.
  • Allow thugs and the MOB to attack people and property. 
  • Appease the teachers union and pay teachers their full salaries while keeping the schools closed.
  • Flood Southern Arizona with an illegal population to keep salaries and wages down.

The first step to defeating the Democrats and their Hate America policies is to attend the August 8th Celebration. 

We need to educate, organize, and mobilize the Citizens of Southern Arizona, so they recognize it’s in their interest to vote for Republican candidates.  We must tell and sell the Republican story of great jobs, safety and security, and the promise of successful opportunities for all Arizonans and their families. 

So join the August 8th Celebration and let’s turn Southern Arizona Republican Red. 

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