Meeting at the Wall

I partnered with Jim Chilton, a fellow Republican, to be part of an MSNBC panel discussion to discuss the Border Wall.  I did not know what to expect but was looking forward to voicing my support for President Trump and the need for the Border Wall between my Country and Mexico.

by Yale Wishnick, URGV/S President

On October 17, 2020, six people from the Tucson Sector were interviewed by Ali Velshi from MSNBC.  Of the six, two individuals supported President Trump, and four supported Joe Biden.  The panel discussion’s focus was primarily on the Border Wall being built on the USA – Mexican Border. 

The four Biden supporters were opposed to the Border Wall, while the two President Trump supporters were for the Border Wall.  The Biden supporters were concerned about Indigenous people and Indian migration between the USA and Mexico, while President Trump supporters were concerned about the flow of drugs, human trafficking, and violence on the Border. 

When the MSNBC panel discussion was completed, it was clear the Biden supporters were either supportive or sympathetic to ending American sovereignty in and around Southern Arizona, believing the land belonged to Indigenous people and Indian Tribes.  Linked closely to this issue was the concern voiced by Biden supporters that White Americans were responsible for the impoverished conditions of Indigenous people and Indian Tribes. 

Here are a few of the issues presented by the Biden supporters:

  • White Supremacy
  • The Wall is a Disgrace
  • Open Borders
  • Police Violence Against Brown People
  • Lack of Funding for Indigenous and Indian Tribes
  • Family Separation
  • Children in Cages
  • Poverty
  • Poor Education
  • Lack of Funding for Education and Community Services

During the panel discussion, the Biden supporters did not take any responsibility for the Indigenous and Indian Tribal problems, believing they were the result of institutional racism.  

As President Trump supporters, we voiced the following issues: 

  • We need the Wall to Reduce the Flow of Drugs and Human Trafficking
  • Supporting the Border Patrol to Reduce Violence in our Communities
  • Individual Responsibility and Accountability are Ingredients for Success
  • A Strong Work Ethic
  • The Constitution and Declaration of Independence Protects the Minority
  • Valuing Independence Over Dependence and Victimization
  • Stopping Illegal Aliens From Entering the USA
  • Lower Taxes and Deregulation to Expand Economic Development
  • Creating an Education System that Emphasizes the Talents of all Kids
  • Appreciating and Valuing the family

The differences between Trump and Biden supporters were obvious. While Ali Velshi, the MSNBC Moderator, believed both views should be respected, it was obvious the three of the four Biden supporters did not value the national sovereignty of the USA and that the Border between the United States and Mexico was subordinate to the interests of Indian Tribes and Indigenous people. Both President Trump supporters believed this perspective would only continue the pain and suffering of Tribal and Indigenous communities.  

I believe success is a product of independence, self-reliance, and tenacity.  It’s a lot easier to blame other people for your problems, but if you want to be successful, have faith in your own GOD given natural talents,  strengthen and rely on your family, and demand the freedom to make it on your own.  This framework is the sum and substance of the American Culture of Success, and it has worked for generations since the Founding of America. 

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