President Trump Won!

It’s time for Republican State Chairs, the Republican National Committee members, and all Republican elected officials to cry foul about the rampant fraud and violations of the Nov 3 election.

It’s all well and good patriotic Americans protest and rally in support of the President, but where is the leadership of the GOP? 

Going on talk shows and telling us how angry one is, that’s not good enough. 

Republican leaders and elected officials must make it clear they support the President and the integrity of the election process.  And the best way to do this is to protest and expose what the Democrat Socialist Racist Party is doing to destroy our Republic.

Here are a few places where Republic leaders and elected officials can mobilize and tell Americans what the Democrat Socialist Racist Party is doing to destroy the election process and our Republic:

  • DC Democratic Party, 80 M St. SE, Suite 03-158, Washington, DC
  • Lincoln Jefferson and Washington Memorial in Washington, DC
  • CNN and MSNBC Offices in New York

The point is Republican Leaders and elected officials need to take a formal stand and Draw a Line in the Sand.

Everything stops until the Democrats stop their attack on our election process and Country.  Republican leadership must be out in front, picketing, demonstrating, and getting in the face of those that would destroy our America. 

The Republican Party and leadership of every state, especially Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin, must demand that state legislators ignore the illegal ballot tabulations and directly choose their electors. 

At the very least, there is considerable doubt and confusion about the ballot count, and it is now obvious election law illegalities are widespread.  Every Republican leader and elected official must find the courage to take action before the Dec. 8 deadline when electors’ names are sent to Congress for verification.

This action by the Republican Party will protect the will of the American people.

Common sense makes it clear the Democrat Party has initiated a national movement to destroy the integrity of the election process through mail-in ballots and a refusal to allow for voter identification. 

The results are obvious. 

A cursory review shows thousands of ballots in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin did not have proper signatures, had missing dates, represented deceased individuals, and had missing signature. Evidence presented by highly respected individuals have revealed federal election laws have been violated, poll watchers have been severely mistreated, thousands of ballots have mysterious appeared, ballots have been destroyed, and Democrat election officials have ignored the protests, complaints, and grievances of individuals with direct knowledge of hundreds of election violations.

Therefore, every state legislature has the Constitutional power and authority to protect the integrity of the election process and present a slate of electors that properly reflects the state’s election results.

It’s simple, by promoting long windows for mail-in ballots to be counted after Election Day, Democrats have exposed the tabulation process to illegal activities, inaccuracies, and fraud.

The reality is that it makes no sense to count mail-in ballots that are at the very least suspect when we are certain about the votes that are cast on election day.  

When we count election day votes, the President Wins!

To do anything else and elect Biden based on an illegal election is outrageous.  We must uphold the rule of law and our free and fair election system. 

What is also outrageous is the media’s behavior and its refusal to report accurately on the election process.  The media are giving the Democrats a free pass in their efforts to destroy our election process.   

Now is the time for the Republican Party to practice what it preaches.

If the GOP chooses to remain silent and not actively and vigorously stand-up and advocate for the integrity of the election process, millions of Republicans may likely leave the Party and stand with President Trump.

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