Sahuarita Tea Party Live: Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennet at 5:00 pm

Hi Patriots, We have former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennet on tonight (search for “Don Woolley”).

He is joining us at 5 PM to discuss Gov. Ducey and the Governor’s handling of the Pandemic in Arizona since March 17th.

Please listen in tonight a subscribe to the channel, we will using ZOOM and not Skype as our connecting medium…See you at 5 PM!

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  1. Ken Bennett is a consistent voice for reason. He is famous for many things, one being simplifying economics by using Kleenex boxes as visual aids. We observed his love for Arizona first hand on many occasions. Ken was Arizona’s 19th Secretary of State and a gubernatorial candidate twice in 2014 and 2018. Gotta hand it to Ken!